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Discover the spiced flavors of Bali’s virtually unknown cuisine. Classes offer a fascinating introduction in to the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. They provide a valuable insight into the various techniques, traditional and modern, of food preparation and the cooking style used in homes across the island.


Classes start with an early morning visit to the local market where many of the ingredients are purchased for the day’s program. This includes spices, meat, chicken, cakes and the freshest available seafood. Visitors will witness and experience the very busy, early morning or afternoon activities of the local community, who is eager to finish their shopping well.

After that, you will learn how to cook authentic Balinese dishes in the comfort of our kitchens. Our hands-on cooking classes are taught by friendly and experienced local chefs. We are here to provide you with fun cooking courses and with Balinese recipes and newly acquired skills that you can bring back home with you. Spend half a day in the morning or afternoon with us and you will be creating memorable dishes for your friends and family in no time.

They will introduce you to the ingredients and equipment they plan to use. Then you will start preparing under their supervision, and cooking, letting the wonderful Balinese flavors fill the air. At the end you will receive a certificate from the chefs, and will get 5R photo with frame as a fond memory.


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